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Quantity Surveying Services

 Early cost advice, cost estimates, budgeting and cost planning;
 Procurement advice and tendering;
 Cost control and change management;
 Contract administration and advice;
 Valuations and final account settlement;
 Insurance valuations;
 Financial appraisals and reporting;
 Cash flow projection on capital construction projects;
 Preparation of bills of quantities;
 Specifications and schedule of works;
 Negotiation of contracts and prices;
 Tender evaluation and reporting;
 Contractor selection, prequalification documentation and evaluation.

Project Management

Zimaki Consult provides a full and comprehensive Project Management services. We believe that the most effective Project Management starts at the earliest stage of a project. We providea strong leadership role for the project and its team covering the following services:
 Feasibility studies;
 Identification and development of the project brief;
 Selection of the Professional Team as well as negotiation of terms and conditions of engagement;
 Pre-qualification and appointment of contractors/sub-contractors, including giving advice on the most suitable forms of tender and contract procurement;
 Management of design and construction interface;
 Preparation and updating of the Project Plan;
 Management of the interface with the client, Contractors and other external parties involved on the Project;
 Effective co-ordination of the project activities aimed at achieving the completion of the Project within the scope, cost, quality and time constraints;
 Contract Administration of the Project including issuing instructions, notices, certificates, assessing claims and advising the clients as necessary;
 Develop effective communication procedures including organising, and taking minutes of the Project meetings, both design co-ordination and site progress review meetings;
 Change Management and Control Procedures;
 Project scheduling and resource modeling;
 Monthly reporting to the Owner on the design and construction activities;
 Project Close-out reports

Construction Management Services

Construction Management is crucial for efficient, effective and timely construction. The process includes site management, procurement and contract administration of sub or trade contractors. Some of the services offered under this category include:
 Construction and procurement advice
 Site logistics
 Planning & programming/ scheduling
 Effective resource modeling & utilization procedures
 Commercial management; trade contractor & supplier payments
 Management and control of construction site
 Management of quality & safety
 Construction and risk management.

Project Front end advice

 Feasibility studies
 Risk assessment
 Procurement advice
 Contract drafting
 Letters of intent / letters of comfort advice

Dispute resolution and management

  • Contract advice
  • Claim avoidance
  • Claim preparation
  • Claim defense
  • Support to the client’s legal team
  • Forensic analysis
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution support
  • Litigation support

Projects Audits

Zimaki understands that there is need to validate and audit an investment decision. This exercise enables the Client to:
 Access risk profiles and mitigation measures
 Evaluate the worth of investment decision
 Assess proper utilization of funds/ resources
 Resolve and manage disputes among others
Some of the services offered by the firm depending on client requirements include the following:
 Auditing of the project conception
 Procurement process
 Audit of contract documentation
 Evaluation of on-going, stalled or completed projects
 Forensic examination
 Financial, commercial and physical audits for sourcing of external funding

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